What is Success?

For me success is having everything you need to be happy, which means working on each person’s attitude to creating necessary resources, knowing how to get on with other people, adapting to your surroundings, being healthy and having inner peace, getting rid of your ego and the need for recognition.

¨Coaching is for the strong of heart, for those who wish to grow as people, using their effort and ambition¨.

Ignacio Isusi

Do you want Success?

In modern societies, business owners and managers have to deal with increasingly complex situations, with involve multiple doubts. They all need to guide their teams of professionals, and themselves too, towards objectives which guarantee the successful management of their businesses for profit, growth, reputation, work atmosphere… and, of course, themselves.

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A professional sports player’s career can be short-lasting and depends, in general, on individual and collective results. Professionals who want to triumph and be successful take special care of their physical condition. To do that, they rely on the experience and advice of the best nutritionists, trainers and coaches who can bring out their best potential and talent. But they are missing something important…

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People say that if you are famous and rich you will be happy, but it is not always like that. In fact, getting possessions, fame and recognition can bring a lot of unfamiliar problems and difficulties with it for people who are not part of this exclusive group of people.

Managing your own life is not easy in those circumstances, especially if they happen suddenly or when you are very young.

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