Entrepreneur and businessman

In 2003, Isusi’s partners and set up the ESDEN Business School APPEND (Marketing Research and Marketing) business group.

Isusi directed and managed Grupo ESDEN-APPEND ‘s strategic and marketing development until 2011. During those years business activity was intense and enriching.

Isusi developed a particular sensitivity and intuition for finding creative solution for situations which seemed difficult to resolve.Isusi  also discovered that the key to good professional and personal management consists of understanding and respecting other people. Empathy and emotional intelligence is one of Isusi’s outstanding talents.

Having empathy is absolutely essential in effective coaching.

ESDEN Business School, is now an international business school with campuses in Spain, the United States, Mexico and Columbia. Providing coaching for pupils from different nationalities awoke Isusi’s interest in finding out about other cultures and developing his career in different countries. It was then that Isusi and his family decided to move to Miami.

Between 2006 and 2008, along with two of partners, Isusi spent most of his time managing the sales and strategic negotiation process of family firms in the real estate, hotel, and energy sectors.

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