Sports and Culture

As a result of Isusi’s enthusiasm for sports and boxing in particular, in 2014 his long-term boxing trainer and himself started up a contact-sports club, Gasteiz Boxing Club. This sport is one of his passions. Isusi would never have been able to imagine how important the sport’s implicit values are, and that they would be able to teach him so many things that Isusi could make use of in the business world and in work teams. These values include the spirit of the culture of effort, the heart, patience, the importance of defining and setting a good strategy for physical and mental care, nutrition and relaxation…

It was also in 2014 that Isusi had a short experience as an actor at Teatro Ortzai school. Isusi’s interest in this artistic discipline has grown and enabled him to find out how important it is as a form of expression and communication. This area became a firm interest for him, and Isusi got to find out how it works. In fact, sometimes Isusi promote theater performances in Spain and the United States.

Isusi is also interested in literature. He likes to write and he has published two books of poems, “Detrás” (2012) and “Humano” (2014). All the profits from both books go to the Spanish Cancer Association and Bakuva NGO, which deals with and looks after children who are in danger of exclusion.

Download my poetry books (in Spanish)

Detrás (PDF 3,2 MB)
Humano (PDF 3,9 MB)

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