What people say about me

“To Ignacio Isusi, the person who erased my fears and brought enthusiasm back to my dead life. I won’t forget him. Or the walks we used to take”.

CEO International transport corporation

“Ignacio is one of those people you have to meet in life. He has accompanied me for some time, even at a distance right now. Intense, daring, quick, tenacious, a skilled, cultured speaker. He uses all of that as a tool”.

Owner and CEO Manufacturing corporation

“As a personal experience, it was a journey inside me, helping me to organize everything which had been worrying me for a long time. He’s a great professional with a special gift”.

CEO Multinational

“I traveled, found out about things and grew as a person, helped along by a great master. I have no doubt that my personal wellbeing was reinforced after that great experience”.

Partner and financial manager Energy sector

“At a really complicated moment in my professional and personal life, I’ve been lucky enough to receive the advantages of coaching, and that has allowed me to get to know myself better, and deal with life and problems in a different way: learning to decide things taking on board the point of view of the person I’m speaking with; separating what is really important from the superfluous; enjoying the moment; and facing up to things which are inevitable”.

CEO Automobile sector

“He knows how to deal with life, he listens to you, tells you things, talks to you, makes suggestions and makes you face up to yourself. He moves you and stirs you.

Thank you for being there, and for still being there”.

Owner and CEO Manufacturing corporation

“With Ignacio’s help, I worked intensively on my inner world, and I’ve been able to forgive myself. I have learned to empathize and, most of all, I’ve found my way. My life is better now. Thanks, friend!”

Owner and CEO Marketing and communication

“It has been a process which has helped me give names to a lot of different realities. It’s involved getting to know and understanding why and how people do things. It’s been worth it because now I know myself much better through the eyes of other people, and It’s opened my eyes. I’ve achieved a greater and better relationship with people near me on a personal level. It’s made me design my future, and now know what I have to do to make it all come true”.

CEO Training sector

“It’s been an innovative process for me, something I wasn’t familiar with, and it’s been a major change in my life. No doubt about it: it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me in terms of personal learning”.

CEO Automobile sector

“It’s helped me to interpret the world with more understanding and assertiveness. It has taught me that the important thing in life isn’t what happens to you, it’s how you interpret it.

Thank you, Ignacio!”

CEO Training sector

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